Our Grading Policy

The school’s grading scale is
as follows:

E – Excellent
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory
I – Improvement

First through 6th Grades:
A – 100–90 (Excellent)
B – 89–80 (Above Average)
C – 79–70 (Average)
D – 69–60 (Below Average)
F – 59 and below (Failing)
I – Incomplete*

*An “Incomplete” is given only when the teacher feels there are justifiable reasons for the work to be late.  Such a grade changes to “F” if the work is not completed within two weeks.

Progress Reports are issued once each quarter of the school year. These reports are issued by teachers com-mending the student for outstanding work or to com-municate the need for improvement.

Semester Grades are an evaluation of the student’s work for an approximate eighteen-week period, which includes semester or final exams. These grades are recorded on the transcript that becomes part of the permanent record.

Credit for classes is given on the basis of semester work grades.  Report cards are given at Parent/Teacher conference, sent home with the student or mailed to the student’s home.  Credit is received only for courses with a minimum of a”D” grade or better for the semester.