Our Curriculum

Many things compete for the Christian teacher’s time: lesson preparations, parent-teacher conferences, lunch-money collection, student records, church responsibilities, and so forth. Education, after all, involves weighty concepts such as classroom management and curriculum implementation.

Christian teachers must be concerned about each student as a person. The point is obvious but is also often lost sight of under the pressure of daily responsibilities. Each child represents an individual mixture of abilities and fears, weaknesses and aptitudes. The child was created by God as an individual and will ultimately be held accountable as an individual. But we as teachers will also be held accountable for how we helped that child live up to his potential.

We refer to Christ as the Master Teacher, and certainly He was. It is interesting that Christ, as teacher, did not promulgate a tidy educational “system” to further His cause. Granted He used many educational techniques, but He never lost sight of the people.

We cannot let systems – which should help us be more effective – draw us away from the students who are our ministries. “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” Jude 22

We have chosen to use the Bob Jones University Press curriculum. We believe it promotes critical thinking, the mastery of the subject, and practical application – along with a Biblical world view.